Albuquerque Lodging


Feel like your own home at our Albuquerque lodging, Mauger Estate B&B. We will make your stay incredible & treat you to indulgence. Following are the reasons why many guests have stayed at The Mauger Estate B&B during their visit to Albuquerque:

  • Custom-made service
  • Up to date amenities
  • Loyalty program
  • Cleanliness
  • Mouth-watering menus
  • Conveniently located
  • Greater comfort


For return guests we create notes about breakfast preferences, provide them room improvements when available and also offer them discounts. For business travelers who frequently visit Albuquerque, we offer corporate rates to them.

Peaceful Atmosphere:

Most business travelers feel glad about the quiet and calm atmosphere where they can  work peacefully. At Mauger Estate B&B, we have seen many business relationships develop in these years. We have a lovely front porch that is perfect for checking emails, reading books or chatting with other visitors or guests.

Quiet Residential Neighborhood:

The Mauger is located in a silent downtown residential neighborhood. It is between the Downtown and Old Town Business District. Various restaurants are located within walking distance.  We are situated 1 mile east of Old Town Plaza, where history will take you back in time.
If you’ve come to Albuquerque, stay at the Mauger & learn why is it one of the best Albuquerque lodging. Contact us @ 505-242-8755 or 800-719-9189.