Abq Hotels

Why choose B&B’s over ABQ Hotels?

The planning of a trip starts with the searching of a nice place to stay. Every traveler feels relax if he gets clean, cozy and home like rooms. There are many ABQ hotels but the Mauger Estate B&B is like a home away from home.

Characteristics Of B&B Over Hotels

All the hotels have almost common features everywhere. Same treatment, building, and lodging can be felt in hotels. Whereas if we consider the Bed & Break like Mauger Estate in Albuquerque, you can feel the difference.You can take a nice sidewalk along a landscaped front yard to a wide welcoming porch with attractive seating to this historic Victorian three story home. Every room here has an attractive interior from a bygone era. You can enjoy with your pet who also get special features to enjoy. The other B&B can also make you enjoy in a different atmosphere, style, and lodging.

Accommodation Charges

Now you may have the question in your mind that how much does it costs while staying in B&B? Most of the B&B costs less than hotels when it comes to paying. They also include breakfast in charges. The breakfast is rather a homemade delicious dishes that makes the morning more enjoyable and not the common type food or do it your self-breakfast. Unlike the hotels that either serve a snack in the room or have the machine in the lobby, B&B serve the snack in common room. It also gives the chances to the guests to mingle with others. Though all the rooms at Mauger Estate are equipped with small refrigerator and coffee machine to enjoy the coffee anytime without waiting.