Furry Friends Need Fun Too! Visit Pet Friendly Hotel in Albuquerque

Many of us are so attached to our furry friends these days that we want to take them on trips and vacations with us.  It can be difficult to find a comfortable place for them and for us to rest, relax and recharge.  The Mauger Estate B&B is the best pet friendly hotel in Albuquerque; a most cozy retreat for you and your dog.  Our dog friendly room has a private entrance, fully fenced private side yard, room with dog door, private bathroom, wi-fi, cable TV, refrigerator, coffee pot, and includes full breakfast and evening refreshments.  There are dog bowls, beds and treats for your furry friend, and a nice walking neighborhood with a park 5 blocks down the street.  An off leash dog park is only 1 mile away, and several restaurants and shops are dog friendly in our neighborhoods.

We also have a dog friendly townhouse which is truly a home away from home with a full kitchen, full living area, washer/dryer, and small fenced patio.  We welcome longer term stays in the townhouse, and it also has all of the necessary amenities (wi-fi, cable TV, parking) to make your stay relaxing and convenient.

Albuquerque has become a very dog friendly city with many shop owners and restaurants welcoming dogs, and several off leash dog parks are scattered throughout the city.  Some of our close by favorite restaurants are:  Slate Street Café (patio), Flying Star (“Petio”), Church Street Café (patio), O’Neills Pub (patio), and Kelly’s Brew Pub (patio).  Strolling through Old Town and Nob Hill are popular venues with your best friend on a leash.  In the summer, we have the Downtown Grower’s Market at Robinson Park, and most hiking trails in the foothills and the Petroglyph National Monument trails are all dog friendly as well.

Dog friendly lodging exists, many hotels are “dog friendly” but they don’t offer the same comfort and amenities.  Many times they are simply a smoking room that was converted to a dog room and there is no grass, yard or play area.

You will find that the Mauger Estate B&B is your best go-to dog friendly lodging option in Albuquerque. Contact us now @ 505-242-8755


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