Albuquerque Lodging at its Best

Many business travelers and tourists say to us “I’ve never stayed at a B&B before, and this is so much better than a hotel!”  While it really is so true, many travelers still don’t realize that in terms of choices in Albuquerque lodging, B&B’s really are the best choice, and the Mauger Estate is the place to stay!

I would like to highlight three of the top reasons so many people switch from staying at hotels to B&B’s:

  • Cleanliness is a concern for everyone.We have all stepped into a hotel room and noticed the bathroom isn’t as clean as we expected, or the carpet makes us want to never take off our shoes, or worst of all, the sheets are not clean.  At the Mauger Estate, attention to cleanliness is our hallmark, and we take pride in putting people at ease.
  • Comfort is what makes us sleep better at night, and feel at home when we are traveling.  B&B’s are much more comfortable and inviting than hotels.  There are no elevator doors opening closing, ringing, doors banging at all hours of the night, children running up and down the halls, or drunk people cackling at 2am.  At the Mauger Estate, guests tell us daily how “quiet” the house and the neighborhood are, and they often ask if there is anyone else staying with us because they didn’t hear anything.  As you walk through the house, you will feel as though you are at home, with hot tea available anytime, cookies, muffins or other treats available, quiet sitting areas, and the ability to come and go as you please make our guests feel most comfortable.
  • Homemade breakfast creates an amazing aroma for you to wake up to, and our breakfasts are filled with homemade goodness, delectable flavors and love.  We make our own muffins, sweet breads, quiches, soufflés, frittatas, granola and our chocolate chip cookies are the highlight of many guest reviews.  If you have a tight schedule and can’t make our usual breakfast time, we offer breakfast to go so that you can have breakfast in your room or take it with you.  If our guests let us know, we accommodate their dietary restrictions, and make sure their breakfast is as delicious as everyone else’s.

B&B proprietors are in the business to please people, make them feel at home, welcome and exceptionally satisfied.  It is often evident that hotels treat all guests the same, and that all guests are simply adding to their daily revenue, rather than making our day by appreciating the details and specialized treatment that guests receive at a B&B.

So, make the switch!  Book your next stay at the Mauger Estate, we look forward to meeting you and making your Albuquerque lodging experience delightful!


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