Mauger Estate B&B – Take A Step Into The Past

The year may be 2016 but you can explore a different year right now. If you are thinking of a trip to Albuquerque New Mexico, why not take a small step back in time to the Mauger Estate B & B (pronounced major). Found in downtown Albuquerque, the Mauger Estate is a Queen Anne Victorian home built in 1897, and set in a neighborhood of equally fascinating older homes.


A wide covered porch with inviting chairs greets you.  This warm, welcoming property encourages you to slow down and take a break from the hectic day to day race and put your feet up. Here, you’ll sit back, relax and sip lemonade quietly on the porch. Beautiful architectural details from the past emphasize the slower pace of that bygone era. Walk through the nearby streets lined with these historic older homes and mature trees that speak of a rich and wonderful history.

Step into the home where traditional details beckon you to relax at a slower pace. Rich woodwork, etched glass and the decor of past elegance flirt with your senses and tease you with a past romantic era. Once escorted to your room with a private bathroom, you can relax and enjoy moments of quiet restfulness yet be spoiled with modern comforts and amenities.

You can easily rejoin the modern world with a few steps to a fitness center or a nearby restaurant to taste a bit of New Mexican cuisine. The present is never more than a few steps away as you walk down Central Avenue (Route 66) to enjoy the nightlife and sample the beverages of the many breweries of New Mexico.

After a pleasant night’s slumber, wake to the aroma of locally roasted coffee and homemade breakfast. Eat inside or if weather permits, sit outside and enjoy your breakfast in the warm New Mexican sunshine. Eggs, pastries, New Mexico green chile and fresh fruit abound to tantalize your appetite and energize you for the new day.

If you wish to indulge in culture, walk or drive to nearby Old Town Plaza experiencing a part of New Mexican history while visiting local shops, or the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. If nature is your preference, you are also minutes from the Botanic Gardens/Aquarium and the Albuquerque Zoo. Bike or walk along the scenic Rio Grande Bosque Trail, or visit a beautiful nearby park.

Visit the past with a stay at the Mauger Estate Bed & Breakfast while you complete your business or simply relax in Albuquerque.


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